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Randall Munroe has an interesting superpower — things that he casually includes in his webcomic come true. Sometimes it’s out of his control, and just due to readers gettin’ creative. Sometimes Munroe nudges it along. Truly, I’m hard-pressed to think of any better use of the internet than to provide pictures of scantily-clad or naked people rocking out in the shower (one of whom does her own webcomic which has more than its share of xkcdesque moments). Well done, Munroe and wet rocking people!

In other news:

Another one. Woot woot, all started with a comment from me.

[…] (Above: Sequence from a recent installment of Girl Genius, ©2007 Studio Foglio LLC. Link via Gary Tyrrell.) […]

Bad webcomics on purpose? How delightful. What makes them worth a mention over the other hundreds of thousands of bad to atrocious webcomics out there? A great many of which are known to be bad by their creators.

Oh, yeah. Better PR. Heh. *snicker*

It’s always nice when long term professional comic creators come to the realization that making comics has never been about paper.

If you’ve never read anything by Nedroid (aka Bad comics guy 1) then you need to go to his website right now and read everything. He’s one of the best and funniest artists I’ve seen on the net. Ryan North has even linked to him a couple of times.

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