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So Sheldon [the Pig [Who Couldn’t Stay Put]] isn’t going to be Sheldon [the Pig [Who Couldn’t Stay Put]] any longer. Not to say that Sheldon will be staying put, he won’t (except in the sense that he’ll still be at Modern Tales). What I mean to say is that Sheldon [the Pig [Who Couldn’t Stay Put]] will be renamed.

But not Sheldon the pig. The strip about Sheldon the pig (who may or may not be able to stay put). Here, let’s let creator Kevin Moore explain:

I am hosting a contest to re-name this series. Don’t worry, Sheldon gets to keep his name, but the series needs something a bit different, wider in scope to reflect the growing world Sheldon inhabits. Or something like that.

The winner will receive a custom t-shirt with the new strip title and their favorite character on it, so that’s pretty cool. If you want to enter (or just vote on current entries), do so here.

And in less confusing news, Paul Taylor is joining Wonder Woman Day II, which is an art auction at the end of the month to benefit domestic violence shelters in Portland, Oregon and Flemington, New Jersey. Check out Taylor’s Wapsified entry here. I thought for sure I blogged about Karen Ellis‘s three awesome contributions in weeks past, but I guess I didn’t. Anyway, we’ll keep our eyes open to see what other webcomickers get in on the meme.

The pig will not stay put but he will keep his name, but the series will change its name but will stay put.

Does that clarify things?

Thanks for promoting it. :-)

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