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But Is She Really Raphael In Her Nature?

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Joe Chiappetta, who is a father and somewhat less than serious, announces:

The first ever Silly Daddy animated cartoon short is complete and viewable here. This entire short movie was done in the Chiappetta studio by Silly Daddy and his built-in team of child laborers working for under minimum wage.

After 16 years total as a print comic and ongoing webcomic, now you can also spend a whopping 26 seconds watching the animated version.

All daddies, silly and otherwise, are directed towards this short.

From Michael Rouse-Deane, a followup to a previous story:

The Kid’s Book Project is nearing its climaxic finalé with only 10 artists left to don their pages. The cover, just released today, is created by the talented Liz Greenfield who had the hardest challenge of creating a cover without even seeing the inside of it. Each book costs £6 and all profits go directly towards the Make-A-Wish Foundation. There will only be 500 printed, so if you don’t get one you probably never will.

The first 100 pre-orders will get a signed printed “thank you” letter from all the artists ranging from Frank Page, Ryan North, Mitch Clem, Brandon J Carr and many many extremely talented people. So if you haven’t already, pre-order your copy today because as soon as they’ve gone, you’ll never find out the answer – “can webcomic artists create a good enough story?”

It is a scientific fact that there can be nothing more adorable than a Teenage Mutant Ninja Liz. Nothing!

The Kid’s Book Project is awesome! It’s always great to see webcomic artists come together for the community. It’s the surest way to both use art to effect real change and to increase the public profile of webcomic culture.

I’ve had ideas similar to this one to help raise money for youth literacy programs. For example, a book teaching kids how to make their own comics – with art by various webcomic creators – would be an excellent fund raiser.

I’ll definitely ask this guy how he organized it.

With great difficulty and a lot of nagging emails :) I’m sure I’m owing a lot of people favours.

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