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Flirting With Notability

The Daily Telegraph talked a great deal about webcomics in their Digital Life section over the weekend; extensive quotes from Chris Onstad and some hack quasi-journalist. Best part — I got to point the reporter at some of my favorite webcomics, and I hope they all get big bounces out of it.

Least favorite part — another dozen webcomics that I adore didn’t make it to final copy. I would have thought that Britain’s only remaining broadsheet might have shown some love for Britain’s most famous webcomicker, but no. But at least Wonderella is there, derr hey? If anybody has a print copy of the Telegraph with the story, we at Fleen would love to obtain it.

In other news:

Congrats on being mentioned in a mainstream paper.

Someone should make a Wiki page based on you with that as a reference. Then we can all watch as Dragonfiend deletes it and reminisce about the old anti-webcomic purges she spearheaded. Ah, those were the days!

My favorite part of this post is that by not listing the dozen strips they didn’t include you have plausible deniability. You can imply that anyone, nay, everyone is on the list. Just like Joe McCarthy.

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