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Still Not Zuda

Sorry about the generally late posting; I’m home from work, sick with some kind of bug that’s taken up residence in my throat and generally reduced my day to napping and light web-browsing. Here’s the news.

  • Tim Demeter reports the All New Clickwheel is up and running. Some interesting exclusives over there, so if reading comics on an iPod is your thing (my second generation Nano is pretty unsuitable), give ’em a look. Oh, wait! There’s now a built-in viewer, so also check it out if reading comics on an iPod is not your thing.
  • From Pat Race, a link to photos of last weekend’s XKCD meetup. Looks like a lot of creative temporary vandalism at the park, with protections against raptors, red spiders, and fun for all in ample supply.
  • Bomb Shelter Comics announces that the latest iteration of Webcomics Idol is now open:

    Each week, a panel of judges comprised of BSC members and guest judges give feedback on each comic and their work for that week, and then open it to the public to vote.

    The winner gets automatic membership into the collective, and all the promotion we can provide. In addition, we’ll host the winner’s comic on Bomb Shelter for free (if they want it) and even design a new site for the comic (once again, if they want it). That was the prize last year, and since Digital Strips is going to be a co-sponsor this time around, (more details on that as it progresses) there might be more for the winner.

    You don’t actually have to have a site for your comic. DeviantArt and Comicspace hosting is fine and will be given as much consideration as a comic with a site. Last year this got a lot of attention, and one competitor, who until then had gone unnoticed for a long time, was nominated for a WCCA that year. Even those who get eliminated are invited to a weekly BSC podcast promoting their comic.

    Judges this year include DJ Coffman, Xaviar Xerexes, pro colorist & webcomicker Wilson Ramos, and some hack semi-journalist.

We prefer to call you a demi-journalist.

It sounds like right now, he’s a phlegmy journalist.


[…] Templar, AZ is declared this year’s Webcomic Idol by the readers of Bomb Shelter Comics. The panel of distinguished judges (plus one hack journo) appears to concur that Templar was the logical choice, having beaten out Lucid TV in the final […]

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