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Not Zuda

Little Dee volume 2 is now up for orders. Yay! And shall we talk “bargain of they year”? It’s only $12 including domestic shipping.

Randy Milholland has set up his Something*Positive 1937 strips on their own site — and redone them in a horizontal arrangement. This has removed the only possible problem anybody could ever have with them (namely, that they couldn’t be easily included at the top of a blog post), so you should go check out Classically Positive now and groove on the awesome Art Deco style that Milholland’s using for decorative flavor.

Hey! Do you do minicomics? Will you be going to SPX? Who do you like best — Dave Kellet, Kris Straub, Scott Kurtz or Brad Wigwam? They’ve got a bet about how many minicomics Brad and Dave will get at SPX, and you could help your favorite guy win some cash. Details (along with a lengthy digression about The Price Is Right math) in episode 7 of Webcomics Weekly.

Liz Greenfield returns to the e-posting fold with her first (of hopefully many) little slice-of-life sketch; it rocks.

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