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Various Followups

Lost in the aftermath of Estradamania (Estradacalypse? Estradarama? anyway, check of the inside scoop on the recurring dadnugget theme) was a note from Jeffrey Rowland on the relative success of the highly-disturbing me shirt. Now for those who may scoff and say that $28 is not a lot of money, bear in mind that the fine folks at the CBLDF need every penny they can get for the infinitely-prolonged Gordon Lee trial, and $28 is a bit more than one membership would net them. I’m certain it will be appreciated.

Also lost in the fray was any mention here of the Ignatz nominations, including well-deserved nominations for Achewood, Grace, Persimmon Cup, Thingpart, and my nemesis, crusher of my dreams.

Sadly not overlooked, the crap-fight in the comments section: it’s been suggested that the comments be locked, deleted, and that we all agree to never speak of this again. Much as I am tempted, I’m philosophically opposed to it. As unpleasant as it is to see a genuinely awesome accomplishment get tarnished by proximity to unwarranted unpleasantness, it did happen. Time may be an illusion (and lunchtime doubly so), but we can’t just rewind and “make it didn’t happen”.

I believe that Jennifer Babcock‘s future is well assured, and I don’t think that inspiring people on the internet to such heights of emotional outburst is necessarily a bad thing for a career in museum curatorship — if nothing else, it proves that her efforts will attract attention, and hopefully spur people to learn more about the creators she highlights.

That being said? I think we’ve nearly all agreed that it’s over, it’s done, we’re all embarassed by it, and attempts to restoke the flames accomplish nothing. A rousing flamefest is good for my hits, but let’s try not to live down to John Gabriel’s expectations, hmmm?

So let’s end on a high note — from Christopher B Wright:

Help Desk published its 1500th strip today. This shining achievement is marred slightly by the simple reality that there are younger comics with larger archives — but these are comics written by cartoonists who can only be described as “driven” and “dedicated,” whereas I can charitably be described as “unfocused” and “an undisciplined wreck”.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the people who made this goal possible: my readers, who routinely put up with my dodgy publication schedules, the captains of industry, who made it so easy to come up with 1,500 jokes about their total lack of moral fibre, and of course the inventors of “cut” and “paste.”

Uhh…what was that about Gary’s ass?

Gary, what do you think of this new strip …

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