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Estrada Day Be Gettin’ Too Commercial

You know what? I was going to be doing the whole Pirate Talk thing in this post, but it’s hard to write in that dialect, so please content yourself with the title. Thank yarrr.

Anyway, is it just me, or has Estrada Day become a whole Estrada Season? It used to be that you’d look forward to the day, gather with your loved ones around the monitor, sing a few Estrada carols and drink some nicely-spiked Estrada nog … but now it’s like people won’t let Estrada Day finish. The full collection of Estrada Day strips is now being re-run with a new one going up every five hours — given at least 40 confirmed sightings from this blog’s staff and readers alone, that’s going to take at least the next nine days before we see them all. Which, now that I say it out loud, is pretty much the cherry on top of the awesome cake.

In other news:

  • You’ll Have That promo videos on YouTube, and an original strip art sale for good measure. Seems Wes Molebash’s faithful compy is givin’ up the ghost, so email him (wesmolebash) at that free email service run by the Google folks to see if your favorite strip is still available. Prices range from $15 (print of a strip) through to $100 (original strips or various levels of commissioned originals).
  • From Michael Rouse-Deane, an appeal to your better natures:

    The Kid’s Book Project that is helping raise money for the Make-A-Wish Foundation is getting close to being completed. Comprising of over 50 webcomic artists making one single page within a story none of them know the start or the end to, are making their page by only seeing the page either previous to their own or after their page.

    With artwork from Mitch Clem, Frank Page, Brandon J Carr, Ryan North, James Hutchinson and many many more, this book is spectacular whether the story makes sense or not. But that is the question, can over 50 artists actually create a story that works well?

    At the moment pre-orders are still available. It’s £6 per book, with £1.50 P&P for UK and £2.50 P&P for International Orders. There’s only going to be 500 printed and they’ll only be one print run, so if you don’t get a chance to find out the answer and also see what great artwork is inside, then you’ll never do!

  • Speaking of webcomics in print, Pewfell creator Chuck Whelon writes that:

    A New full-color print edition of this long-running weekly webcomic is now available. In this volume Tina the Warrior Princess finds herself pregnant and, in order to make ends meet, Pewfell must take a job as wizard in the city sewer patrol. Meanwhile, a demented and zombie-mad dictator seizes control of local government and an army of chaos invades the city. Order your copy here.

  • Speaking of Pewfell, it’s found on Modern Tales, which announced it’s new Fall Lineup the other day. Watch for editor Shaenon Garrity’s interviews with the new contributors soon (her first, with Little Dee‘s Chris Baldwin, is already available).

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