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In The Aftermath Of Estrada Day

Okay, 37 by the count of Fleen staff & readers, and I’d estimate that he probably did in the range of 50 webcomics; in fact, it appears that he hit everything this side of the chronically-underreviewed Simulated Comic Product. I suppose we’ll have to wait for Ryan to come back from India to get the official tally. How about some stuff that has nothing to do with the prolific Mr Estrada?

As promised earlier: photos from the MoCCA reception.

I’m afraid you may have misread an expression when posting about my laptop case, good sir. That was not whistful thinking about the chrome case that could have been, that was the sheer joy of actively hiding secret plans from you.

[…] Gary Tyrrell has photos from last week’s opening reception to the new webcomics exhibit at the Museum of […]

Hi Fleen. I am from India and have my very own webcomic. Do check it out and lemme know what you think of it.



Huh. I had no idea I was included in this show. I wish they had let me know, but that’s pretty cool nonetheless.

That would be my fault, Alex. We added your comic with a bunch of others on the LCD screens rather last minute and I was crunched for time to let everyone know about it.

Thanks for the response, Jennifer. In case I left any doubt, let me just say that I’m deeply flattered to be included. I did just send an e-mail through MoCCA contact form before I saw your comment here. Hopefully that will get to you, but the basic gist is that I’m hoping you can send me some copies of the program, since I may not be able to get down to the show. (I live in MA, so it’s a little far.)

Thank you!

The flash spot in the “statement of philosophy” makes me think of Escher’s Balcony.

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