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Guest Post By Ryan Estrada

Hey, remember how last week Dr McNinja‘s Chris Hastings was all over the place? Forget Hastings; he sucks. Ryan Estrada is The Man. Let me back up a moment. Posted yesterday by Mr Estrada:

Over the last year, you may have noticed that this site has been a little quieter than usual. That’s because I’ve spent a year behind the scenes building up to this day. I’m officially a full time artist.

Today is the official launch of Cartoon Commune! The commune is John and my business site, which is how we’ll be making a living with comics. We’ll keep the business stuff there, and keep our respective sites rolling with free comics and content. We’ll be building it up more as we go, but right now we are offering custom comics. I’ll draw you a custom comic book about whatever you want, and you can do whatever you want with it. Finally all that training doing 48, 72, and 168 hour comics will pay off!

Okay, then more about how he’s the new artist at Life’s a Bluff, more chapters coming of Frank: The Comic and Aki Alliance, and how he actually has to go back to India for a bit to wrap up loose ends. He finishes with:

But since I’m leaving on a plane to India in a few hours, don’t expect to see any new comics from me today.

Okay, that was yesterday, no new comics yesterday. What about today?

Now we have to jump gears a little. When I saw the guest strip at Ugly Hill today, my initial thought was, “Hey, Paul’s wife had the baby”, and I started making plans for a little congratulatory something-or-other (Paul, send me your mailing address). And hey, by coincidence, the guest strip was by Ryan Estrada.

So was the guest strip at Goats. And Starslip Crisis. And Little Gamers, Overcompensating, Questionable Content, Scary Go Round, and I’m not sure how many damn others today.

In fact, I half expect to see Estrada’s handiwork over at You Damn Kid, which returns today from summer hiatus, but it appears to actually be Owen Dunne’s handiwork. Appears to be. In fact, careful examination of the MoCCA webcomics exhibit opening photos (which will now run tomorrow) show the presence of an individual who may be Ryan Estrada, having managed to simultaneously be in New York and Mexico.

Mr Ryan Estrada, you hereby win webcomics. Please try to use them wisely.

Update: Now that I’ve had a chance to continue the Monday trawl list, Ryan Estrada sightings continue with Octopus Pie, Yirmumah, Hero By Night, Dr McNinja, Hate Song, Multiplex, Patches, Sam and Fuzzy (extra strip), and White Ninja (guest art).

Holy. Crap. Did I miss any? No, wait, I mean, “How many did I miss?”

Answer: Dinosaur Comics, which wasn’t updated when I checked it earlier. And Wigu, which hasn’t updated for a while so I didn’t check, and DAMMIT RYAN STOP BEING AWESOME.

Second update: Okay, not going to try to keep up with these anymore. Post any new sightings in the comment thread (and watch for duplicates). We’ll try to get a complete accounting by tomorrow.

Apologies to Owen Dunne at YDK, as Estradamania caused me to completely overlook the announcement of his daughter’s birth (no permalink yet). Congratulations to Dunne, wife, and child.

Ha! I knew everyone was going to think we had the baby today. But nope; my wife remains swollen and irritable!

Gary, I will send you my mailing address toute suite.

You missed Theater Hopper, Multiplex, Joe Loves Crappy Movies, and (ahem!) PC Weenies ;) – and I’m sure there are many many more Estrada guest-strip sightings out there on teh webs…

And Genny (! And Nothing Nice to Say (! But I think there’s even more, that I’ve seen and forgotten. The man is PROLIFIC

Also, found has an Estrada strip today too.

Ryans stuff has looked great today.

scene language was one of the lucky ones today too. :D

Congratulations, Owen!

This is a fantastic development and I wish Ryan nothing but the best in his endeavor. Hell, I might hire him in the near future.

And congratulations, Owen!

Your list is about halfway complete.

I’ve found 28 so far, and boy is my mouse clicking finger tired! How does he do it?

Alien Loves Predator, which was not updated during my earlier trawl.

Also, Beaver and Steve.

Thanks guys! I’d write more but I’m up to my ankles in toxic newborn poop.

Just noticed an Estrada guest strip at Rob and Elliot

From Lunchbox Funnies: Astronaut Elementary, Butterfly, Cow & Buffalo.

I thought Gunnerkrigg Court, but that guest strip is by Ali Graham.

Niego has one at its new DrunkDuck site. Also, Instant Classic.

Ryan Estrada also has another two at Rob and Elliot/ Cosmobear

Ryan Estrada is simply and utterly amazing.

Now I feel left out! Where’s my “Create a Comic Project” comic, Ryan? Have you no love for education? THINK OF THE CHILDREN! (Heh.)

I’m impressed by his extensiveness! I’m also surprised by some of the webcomics he didn’t go for (Something Positive, Girly, MegaTokyo, Sluggy, Chugworth).

if you dont like his style it gets pretty annoying fast that hes some sort of ultimate attention whore today.

You missed Ryan’s comics for Brian Carroll’s Instant Classic as well as Genrezvous Point, also.

[…] It is with a bitterness in my mouth and a pang of desperation in my heart that I concede the possession of webcomics to Mr. Ryan Estrada, the owner and purveyor of, and newly minted site, Cartoon Commune. This new site celebrates the fact that Estrada is now a full-time artist. The venerable artist celebrates this milestone by stealing the position as new artist on the soon-to-be-relaunched poker webcomic, Life’s A Bluff, right out from under my nose and whipping up guest comics for every strip on the Web. Don’t believe me? Read this. […]

It’s like a Bank Holiday for webcartoonists; for a day, they have a Estrada sponsered relaxin’ sit down.

I hope Ryan’s plans work out and his commune becomes a mansion.

Ryan is so awesome.

If he did this every year it really WOULD be a webcomics holiday.

For us.

Not him.

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He also did one for General Spite and Filth Hole. He was a bizzy beaver.

Plus Butternutsquash and Dueling Analogs. I couldn’t confirm scene language, though.

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