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We’ve got some leakage of webcomics into other info-spheres today — and some curious overlaps between them.

First up, Jeff Rowland noticed that Cracked (formerly a magazine competing with the much-better Mad, now dot-com humor venue) has declared:

Are there a lot of terrible webcomics in the world? Sure. But, finding the good ones is well worth the effort.

Their list of The 8 Funniest Webcomics is a usual-suspects roundup (and let’s just acknowledge that everybody’s going to have both But they forgot! and I can’t believe they included! moments) that starts with Dinosaur Comics and ascends to the lofty heights of Achewood.

Secondly, the redoubtable Mister R points me to a Reddit poll that lists out Reddit’s favorite webcomics (ordered by “hot”ness here, and by vote totals here).

Now here’s the curious part: Notice who’s staring at you from the top of the Cracked story pages (and scores #3 in their tally)? Dr McNinja. And what comic is at the top of the Reddit “hot” poll (which apparently denotes degree of controversy), and also 20th out of 87 on the vote-totals list? Dr McNinja.

And who is moderating a new webcomics podcast, spawned from the unholy depths of the webcomics discussion threads at Something Awful? Chris Hastings, creator of Dr McNinja. Clearly, Hastings has gotten to Them (you know who I’m talking about) and revealed the existence of embarassing photos or something, since he’s all over the place these last couple of days. Suspicious of his wicked motives, I asked Hastings what the deal with the new podcast was:

I think what I’m trying to do with this podcast is make it like panel discussions at conventions, but without the convention. I’m looking forward to when we have a few episodes in the can, so we get the feel of the show smoothed out a bit, and I can start bringing back old guests to make different mixes of creators.

Likely story, Chris Hastings of Dr McNinja! Whatever your game is, I’m gonna find out, so you just be careful.

When my McNinja book arrived, an exact replica of my face has been drawn on the inside of the first page. The face was drawn on a dismembered head, and had the message “Watch your step, kid” written underneath in blood.

Chris Hastings is the Devil.

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