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Slow news day. Slow, slow, slow, slooooow. So, here’s a few items to tide you over until Thursday (which is statistically proven to be the most newsworthy day of the week):

  • Jack Carter (he of the monkey-themed webcomics reviews) has seen a burst in activity of late. New reviews, an interview, and an obligatory post about Britney are waiting for you.
  • Latest discovery: Naivety Incarnate by Sergio Torres; art reminds me a little of Amelia Rules! (always a good thing), and the tone is more melancholy about growing up than just about anything I can put my finger on right now. That, and it features the eternal promise of Super Mario Bros. 2, always a little out of reach. Come to think of it, that’s pretty melancholy, too.
  • Don’t forget, webcomics invade the Museum of Comics and Cartoon Art tomorrow night, 7pm; Fleen will be reporting live from the gala, and we hope to see you there.

See you there Gary! I’ll be volunteering to help all the merry webcomicers have a good time.

*self promotion* Make sure to check out the video displays, which will be showing video screencasts of several infinite canvas comics.

I think I will go to the reception, like to say hi … how will we know who you are?


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