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Good News For Four Good Guys

Okay, now this is clever — with his ad manager in the midst of a move and space for a tall banner on his front page, Randy Milholland has been expanding his Something Positive story depth by going back yet another generation. So that’s mainline S*P in the modern day, Midnight Macabre in the time of their parents, and now the grandparents get their say (along with the original Davan) in 1937.

And this isn’t just a case of do it in black and white and it’s automatically old-timey; Milholland’s set dressing, costumes, and overall tone all do a great job of conveying the rural south in the days of the Great Depression. It’s great stuff, even if the vertical layout makes it entirely unsuitable for top-of-blogpost honors.

Following up an earlier story, Chris MacNeil reported an encouraging upsurge in readership after our mention of Rooby Moon last week. So encouraging, in fact, that he’s decided to go weekly with his full-page artwork. Let’s repeat the important bits there so you don’t miss ’em:

  • Gorgeous full-page art
  • Weekly

Won’t you repay his kindness by becoming a regular reader?

Speaking of gorgeous full-page art (alas, one-shot): Gene Ha indulges his love for Scary Go Round. There is so much right with that image that I don’t know where to start.

And finally — your friend and mine, Scott McCloud, continues to pile up the awards for Making Comics; this time, it’s the Quills Award, which is a collaboration between NBC and Reed Business Information (publisher of Variety, Publishers Weekly, about 80 other magazines, and through their Reed Exhibitions arm, producers of New York Comic Con and BookExpo America).

Anyway, it’s described as an industry-qualified “consumers choice” awards program, which I think means that actual book industry types decide the categories and nominees, and we all vote on it. Making Comics won in the category of Graphic Novel (scroll down here to see the competition), and is now eligible for Book of the Year, which you can help him achieve by voting here.

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