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Name Changes And Kidlings On The Way

Xaviar Xerexes at Comixpedia ComixTalk has, as was previously planned, shifted management of the comics encyclopedia known as Comixpedia to Josh Roberts of and To avoid confusion, the X-Man’s discussion site is now going by its new name.

Round numbers: Unshelved #2000 is available for your viewing pleasure. Let the hurrahs commence!

Dammit, Jennie, cease being an idea factory (although this one is brilliant — Devil’s Panties-brand hand sanitizer for con season).

Recently found: Krishna Sadasivam‘s semi-journal comic, Uncubed. He brings you through the troubles and travails of his first 35 years pretty quickly, from simple things like his name (having grown up in the early center of Indian migration to the US and having lots of New Jersey-born classmates from kindergarten on named Sunit, Posha, and Devendra, I feel K-Dog’s frustration), to the more recent events like spawning yet another webcomic kid in 2007 … seriously, people it’s been done. Don’t make me declare a moratorium. Although stylistically, I really dig the Darwyn Cooke-esque character model Krishna’s using for his wife; they say that pregnant women glow and it really comes through here.

And finally: Free Achewood tats in Portland for the month of September! So after you drop by Stumptown, you still have time to get the trip immortalized with an image of Emeril someplace embarassing.

[…] I may post it a few days early, if there aren’t any objections…Also, the folks at Fleen wrote a nice plug for Uncubed today. Check […]

I think Uncubed will be on my read list for a long while to come. To bad he only has a few strips up.

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