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Some Museum Love

I’ve always loved the annual MoCCA art show, in large part because it’s a webcomic-friendly environment. And the parent museum of the show is getting in on the act, as next month sees the opening of Infinite Canvas: Art of Webcomics at the MoCCA galleries in SoHo; the show will run from 15 September 2007 to 15 January 2008. Here’s what Jennifer Babcock, show curator, has to say:

Basically I wanted to show the diversity that web comics allow in terms of its creators and audience. I will also be addressing how technology and the digital medium affect production, format, and marketing.

It’s a small show, but I think it will be great. It’s also going to be up in conjunction with our New York Artists Showcase, which will be displaying the works of Act-i-vate, a web comics collective.

There’s also hopefully going to be an online section of the exhibit, which will be hosted on MoCCA’s web site.

Ms Babcock also told me that she’s managed to get art from an impressive lineup of creators; as of press time, that included Penny Arcade, Mom’s Cancer, Questionable Content, PhD, Achewood, Goats, and with any luck, Scott McCloud‘s print out copy of My Obsession with Chess, which measures about 20 ft x 4 ft (aaaand cue Eric Burns).

Sounds like it’s going to be a great show; Fleen will be sure to cover it and bring you the full rundown once it opens. If you’re in New York City anytime in the five month run, check it out and let us know what you think.

Confidential to KS: Eyes open, unless they’re made of plastic.

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