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Now I have to buy a shirt that I cannot in good conscience ever wear, because that spider-ridden bastard my good friend Jeff Rowland is using it to raise money for a good cause dear to my heart. Then again I suppose it’s my own fault; if I didn’t want Jeff Rowland to make fun of me, I should never have ventured onto the Internet. If you’re reading this, that same fate will befall you one day.

I know that I’m seriously going to regret saying this, but if you’ve ever remarked upon my facial hair, you are morally obligated to buy this shirt.


Dude — your own t-shirt?

You are completely and utterly THE PANTS.

But I’ve always said that.

That being said, the Mrs. frowns on my adding any more of this kind of garment… perhaps they can silkscreen this onto the back of a nice oxford button-down?

Aw Gary, it’s an homage to your facial hair! Besides, it is being produced because of popular demand. Certain cartoonists were so excited by the prospect of owning one that Jeffrey could not bear to let them down.

Mine is going to be PINK. :D

I am going to order two. A brown one for everyday wear, and a pink one for when I am feeling fancy*.

*I never feel as fancy as Tallahassee.

What color is ‘Genoa’? Is that salami-colored?

THIS gets comment traffic. Webcomics getting play in an actual serious museum? I hear crickets over there.

But let it not be said that I’m a bad sport: I’m gonna match Jeff’s philantropy. Anybody brings one of these shirts to me at a con or show, I will autograph it in exchange for the promise to drop $1 into the donation can at the CBLDF booth. Now go order the shirt and let’s raise some cash for the cause.

Did they ever make a tee shirt about WEBSNARK

I believe this is the correct situation to use the acronym “LOL”.

Just imagine if this becomes the next internet fad; a whole slew of kids, nerds and adults wearing a shirt with your soup-catcher on it. Also, I ordered one in Jade because I don’t know what Kelly is.

If I wear this shirt, is it “ironic”?

well, damn. Moustache boobs.

The only problem is that we’ll want to wear this at times when we might see each other, leading to what appears to be some sort of group of MUSTACHE CAMP GARY counselors hanging about the Pub.

You say that like it’s a BAD thing.

Gary should absolutely run a webcomics summer camp.

I’m so glad you brought this up, Gary, because if you hadn’t I was gonna. And now I’m off to order mine…

You should sell pictures of yourself wearing the shirt for the cause :D


I love this shirt.

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