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A Fabulous Evening In Tinseltown

Okay, I get it, sort of. Dave Kellett‘s wired into the Hollywood Elite, attracting the attention of luminaries such as Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders, Alyson Hannigan, and his wife Gloria Calderón Kellett.

I get that being tied into that power structure allows you to have the contacts to do what normally only the the targets of front-page coverage of US Weekly and InTouch Weekly get to do: throw a party in swanky Beverly Hills locales and have other people pay for it. I don’t resent that he’s able to do these things and I’m not, nor that he hasn’t seen fit to throw such a party for anything less than the launches of his various books (although if he felt like throwing such a party for, say, a celebration of webcomics journalism, that’d be might awesome of him).

What I don’t get is, exactly what the heck goes into the drinks known as the Squee and the Sheer Awesomeness? ‘Cause I got a bar and shakers right here in my dining room and a fairly good collection of ingredients and tools, but I ain’t grindin’ up lizard or nothing. While we contemplate such, be sure to pick up your own copy of 62% More Awesome, which I believe you will find as compelling a purchase as I did.

That Sheldon collection sure is getting pimped a lot. The cover art looks eerily familiar, though…

I had The Squee, and it was squee-licious. Yes, I went there.

@ Mitch – THAT’S what the cover was reminding me of! I doubt it was intentional, but darned if it wasn’t bothering me with deja vu.

Man, that’s comin’ out of left field to me. I don’t find those eerily similar at all. Is it the word “Awesome”? Because the look I was going for was 1950’s advertising — to play off my Crotchley Labs strips. Specifically, I was playing with this awesome

…darn images didn’t load.

Anyway, my book cover was a play off this awesome Qantas ad from 1952. I apologize if the word “awesome” appears in both covers. I’m afraid it’s a word I’ve been using since 1982.

Edited to fix wonky html.

Haha, calm down, Dave. I wasn’t accusing you of plaigarism. I just saw a few similarities in the covers and thought it was amusing.

The squee might have been better if I was a Vodka drinker. Which I totally am NOT. But if I recall, it was just Pink Vodka and some kinda strawberry-kiwi vitamin water.

Also – meeting Cobie Smulders FTW. She was totally awesome – and I was sitting there talking to this guy who I thought was just her boyfriend, and he turns out to be some hotshot guy on MTV. Awesome party, though.

I saw these books when they premiered in San Diego. The print quality is simply beautiful, and the strips are a particularly sweet run of Sheldon strips. I particularly like what he did with some of the Sunday strips in the back of the book. He took them and redesigned them into completely new page designs. It’s really a fun reading experience. Due to a shipping delay, the books didn’t hit San Diego until Saturday. Saturday morning, as I arrived to help set up the BLC booth, there was a group of what had to be close to a dozen people — all lined up for the 63% More Awesome book. Now *that’s* a good book.

The only theft Dave Kellett committed is that of my heart.

If you ask me, they both owe Jeff Spicoli an apology.

Hm, has a decision been reached on who wins the McCloud shirt? Or is that contest still going on? Just wondering.

Backing up Greg’s point, my wife and I met Cobie Smulders following Gloria’s play in NYC back in May and were utterly charmed.

Regarding the McCloud shirt, insufficient responses. We’ll offer it up again in some later contest.

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