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The Feel-Good Smash Hit Of The Summer (With Sure Fire Laugh-Chuckles)

The long-awaited Wondermark film is here! Thrill to the debate of [web]comics luminaries as they decide: [David Malki !] vs Comic-Con: Who’s Better?

Highlights include daring aerial footage, special appearances by comics legends Stan “The Man” Lee and Scott McCloud, and a loving, lingering, longing closeup on Dave Kellett‘s junk (07:56, for those of you playing along at home). The soundtrack includes the original song, Comic-Con (I Have Loved You) (music: Kris Straub; lyrics: Erica Stephens, performed by Kris and the Straubtones); it’s a tear-jerker that’s sure to dominate MOR playlists for the next five years.

After seeing the movie countless times, I give it eight thumbs up and recommend you run out to get the Special Edition DVD with bonus features just as soon as it’s released.

Confidential to Andy Runton: You faithless whore. You never told me your mom doesn’t like facial hair.

[…] [Scene] Sure, you might have attended the San Diego Comic-Con, but are you better than the San Diego Comic-Con? David Malki took on the goliath in this sixteen-minute streaming video. (Above: Stan the Man gives Malki props without realizing it — squint carefully, you’ll see it — in this screen capture. Link via Gary Tyrrell.) […]

F-faithless? We’re not all blessed with your impeccable wit, Gary. ;) Honestly she has nothing against facial hair at all and it was just the first thing I could think of. I shoulda said something about the “!” in his name and how she could never have a son-in-law with punctuation in his name. ;) *sigh* Next time!

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