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In Which I Neglect To Add A Title Again, Dammit

Wired issue 15.09 (on stands today) has a pretty extensive profile on Penny Aracde (perhaps the first instance in a Condé Nast magazine of somebody calling their artistic/business partner a douche); it’s not online yet, but may be soon. Be interesting to see if PA gets a bump out of it — I’d imagine the demographics of “reads Wired” and “has heard of Penny Arcade” overlap pretty substantially.

In other news, fake history gets a workout in the new collaborative project The International History Club, with contributions from the likes of Chris VanGompel, Chris Jones, and Chad Diaz, Wiz Rollins, and KC Green. History is more frightening than I remember it.

From the Milestones Department:

  • Benj Christensen’s I Am Geek hits one hundred strips,
  • Kevin Wasden’s Technosaurs starts book 2, and
  • Jason Sigler (my nemesis at Digital Strips, The Midnight Cartooner) celebrates the 3rd anniversary of The Amazing Superzeros with that most superhero-y of all traditions: the big-ass cast splash panel

And finally, a new project for all of us here at Fleen: Scott asks:

What’s the deal with Wowio? How is it ‘compensating’ its content creators? The site’s ‘about’ page briefly and vaguely mentions sponsorship, which can mean a bunch of different things, and the Wowio site itself doesn’t seem to have ads. I figure if anyone knows, it’s the good folks at Fleen, and if I’ve got the question, then others may be wondering, too. (The current ‘most downloaded’ eBook on the site is a Sore Thumbs collection, btw.)

Good question, Scott. We’ll look into it and get you an answer as soon as we can.

Be interesting to see if PA gets a bump out of it

The real question is, will Wired get a bump out of it?

Wowio compensates its publishers via ad content from sponsors. Users can download books for free, in PDF format, and when they open those files up to be read, Wowio inserts a couple of pages of ads before the publisher’s content, and a page or two of ads after the content. Thus, the sponsorship is included in the downloaded product. Hope this helps.

[…] points on contact on the WOWIO question (including comments from helpful readers) all agree — money comes from ads in the eBooks; to […]

The Penny Arcade article:

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