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Things Of Which You Should Be Aware

Wow. Lots of stuff on a dreary Monday. Let’s hop to it, shall we?

  • Moving beyond “GRRRRRAAAAHHH!”: the Little Dee press conference. If any of those strips feature questions I asked Baldwin, I’m gonna have to buy the damn things. Thanks for destroying my budget, The Internet’s Chris Baldwin!
  • Speaking of strip-buying, classic 2001-era Wapsi Square strips are up for auction; Paul Taylor says that when that year’s gone, he’s moving on to 2002. Check out the current art up for grabs at the main Wapsi page and keep in mind: for every strip that you don’t bid on, you are personally taking food out of Taylor’s infant son’s mouth you heartless monster.
  • Did I ever tell the story about how my sister interviewed for a job on the Oscar Meyer Wienermobile™? She didn’t get it, but considering one of the darker moments in Wienermobile™ history, maybe that’s for the best. I love the little guy up in the cabin, screaming in panic.
  • Webcomics-related wacky event alert go! Marty Day writes to inform us of a Kaiju Tribute art show/music event on August 24th at the Ottobar in Baltimore. That leaves you just four days to finish up your giant rubber lizard costume and prepare to stomp Tokyo! Webcomics related people showcasing their work include Nick “Ghostfreehood” Borkowicz Jamie Noguchi, Onezumi, Chris Impink, and Ross Nover.
  • Nothing says “August” like thoughts of organizing the coming year (that would be 2008, sparky) — luckily for you, Gabe Strine has recently announced Another Year of This Crap, the 2008 Brinkerhoff calendar. Get yours before it’s too late!
  • As long as we’re speaking of rabbits, Lem would like you to know that:

    … recently I have been hired/conscripted to work on a story-based comic for a story (prose, not comic) compilation book called The Maker’s Mark — Remnants by Freak Ash Books.

    It has Robots. In the Wild West. And stuff.

    The comic is updating weekly, only 9 pages long; the idea, is the prologue comic runs, the book comes out and they link together. Then artists and writers would come in and add additional material on the website which links back into the book again.

  • And finally: Rule 34 raises its ugly head yet again. Please be sure to unplug the power before submitting.
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