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ConsumerWatch 2007

In my experience, the only thing that can get consumers more het-up than the phone company is the cable company. Howard Tayler’s mad at the former, whereas Karen Ellis is merely amused.

For all and sundry waiting anxiously for David Malki !‘s soon-to-be-award-winning film which did not launch today as promised, I am responsible for the delay. But as the delay will result in said film being more awesome, you’re welcome.

Remixing, guerrilla continuity, or hopeless MarySue-ism? Eric Burns issues a call for a cabal (his word, I swear) of webcartooners to swoop in and repurpose FOOB. Provactive idea (partly disturbing, partly “stoopidly” naive, partly awesome, and a soupçon of lawsuit waiting to happen), with bonus points for his use of “roadside”. Look for Resentful Knocked-Up Liz “an” Closeted Gay Anthony cosplayers at WebFoobCon ’09.

Finally, in less-horrifying Great Frozen North thoughts:

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