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Being A Love Letter To Several Webcomics

Ah, springtime, when the fancy of a webcomics blogger turns to webcomics. Yeah, well, it’s almost Spring in the Antipodes, so deal. I’m gettin’ my webcomics love on today.

  • Why is it I like this guy so much more when he’s in heavy shadow? Memnon Vanderbeam was supposed to be the sort of stuffy buffoon that you could laugh at, and instead Kris Straub has had to once again go and remind us that even stuffy buffoons are people. With feelings. Add to that an artificial intelligence that’s likewise become a whole personality, and even a makeover to the site, and Starslip Crisis has moved up another couple notches in my Daily Read Order. This will make the sting when Straub is inevitably, tragically cut down in his prime (current most likely scenario: hit on the head with a rock from outer space) all the deeper. Damn you, Straub — why did you make me have to love you?
  • Everything I just said about the sting of loss, by the bye, applies this morning to Digger, which has sprung several weeks of filler on us due to a cross-country shift of residence on the part of creator Ursula Vernon. Fleen wishes Vernon safe travels, fulfilling new opportunities, and dare we hope for a new Digger print collection?
  • Man, I love the Pudu every time he shows up. To my eye, it looks like today he’s not trying to talk underwater, but sending up little floating written notes. I really hope those fish can read.
  • Set your alarm clocks: at some indeterminate time tomorrow, David Malki !‘s hopes and dreams will come to fruition. No, not the charter plane service for webcomickers travelling to conventions (can you imagine Ryan North or Jeph Jaques trying to squeeze into anything smaller than a 777?). We’re talking about his long-in-the-making indy documentary slash tragic love story Me vs. Comic-Con: Who’s Better? From the delightful dream-crusher himself:

    You guys are going to love this stunning piece of cinema, in which comics luminaries go shockingly on the record serving up the real dish on the relative qualities of me vs. the world’s largest pop culture convention. Teaser: two separate people say that I’m hairier.

    Prediction: Malki !’s hirsuite ways will make him the darling of the festival circuit until his stunning sweep of every award at Sundance. If he can get Kris Straub on the soundtrack, you can throw in the Grammys for good measure. Then they’ll embark on a months-long coke bender with all their fancy new Hollywood friends, waking each morning with but one thought in their heads: don’t roll over don’t roll over Oh Jesus god please don’t let there be no skinny-ass chick with dry hair named Summer there.

  • And lastly, why I love Jennie Breeden even more than Kris Straub — in a new interview, talking about the drive needed to succeed:

    [Her boyfriend] said that the world won’t end if you don’t update. But yes, yes it will.

    Words to live by, kiddies. See y’all tomorrow.

[Her boyfriend] said that the world won’t end if you don’t update. But yes, yes it will.

Curses! The secret of my one advantage is out.

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