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With All Congratulations To Mrs Martin

Tyler Martin does the charming all-ages webcomic Wally & Osborne, at their own site and over Lunchbox Funnies way. And as of yesterday, he’s a dad. Congrats to the new family, and best of luck to the new little guy for having to grow up with a Dad that’s a cartoonist. How on earth will you be embarassed in your teen years about how uncool your dad is? Reminds me of how Neil Gaiman once told the story about his daughter being unable to successfully complete her goth phase, because all her friends would get giggly and ask her for his autograph instead of being mopey.

So as not to overshadow the wee tyke’s achievement at making it into the world, some brief news bits from around webcomics:

  • Brock Heasley’s SuperFogeys (think Grumps meets Legends of the Superheroes) is publishing its first print collection next month; pre-orders are available now.
  • Einser Award loser Brad Guigar’s Evil, Inc. (“A corporation by supervillians, for supervillians, because you can do more evil if you do it legally” … now that’s an elevator pitch) is wrapping up a year-long story arc for the next week and a half or so. With typical Guigarian promotional skill, he calls on his loyal readers (or henchpeople) to get the word out this is a good point for jumping-on.

    Pretty clever, actually — get somebody hooked on Nexting their way through a year’s worth of setup (critical to understand the modestly-titled Climactic Conclusion), you’ve probably got ’em as a long term reader. Trying to bring in new audience or to convert a casual reader to committed? Find some of your stronger work 6 – 12 months back and tell ’em that’s a good place to start.

Nexting”? Good gracious.

[…] [Hooray!] Congratulations to Wally and Osborne creator Tyler Martin, proud father of a new baby boy. […]

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