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Fleen Book Corner: Other Things I Picked Up Recently

No time, almost no network, so we’ll be borrowing a line from the foreword to Starslip Crisis Volume 1 that I should have mentioned yesterday.

  • Girl Genius: Agatha Heterodyne and the Golden Trilobyte is Phil and Kaja Foglio’s latest. Check it. It’s got mad science, loopy fun, tragic loss, Jägermonsters and the big reveal about The Other. Everybody is more than they were except Bangalore Dupree, who remains a simple, happy, bloodthirsty maniac. If you buy lots of them, I’m sure it will in some way facilitate the Foglios getting onto a better host so you can get your 3x/week fix more easily.
  • The Adventures of Dr McNinja No. 1-3 is Chris Hasting and Kent Archer’s latest. Check it. Ninjas, lumberjacks, gorillas, raptors, high-fives, a pissed-off clone of Ben Franklin, and the Power of Moustachery. How could you not love this? The cover is a perfect recreation of an old comic and it just gets better from there. Get it before the inevitable big-screen adaptation leads to Happy Meals and McNinja burgers.
  • 62% More Awesome, The Third Sheldon Collection is Dave Kellett’s latest. Check it. It’s got lizards and space and hairy backs and kneeling before Zod and squee and Crotchley Labs helping us all to defeat the Communist Menace via the power of coffee cup lids. It’s not available at the Sheldon store yet, but look for ’em after the fabulous book-premiere party on the 19th in Beverly Hills. Seriously, all other webcomics artists? Find out how Kellett manages to get sponsored parties at incredible hotels with free booze thrown for him and do it too. Seriously.

[…] What I don’t get is, exactly what the heck goes into the drinks known as the Squee and the Sheer Awesomeness? ‘Cause I got a bar and shakers right here in my dining room and a fairly good collection of ingredients and tools, but I ain’t grindin’ up lizard or nothing. While we contemplate such, be sure to pick up your own copy of 62% More Awesome, which I believe you will find as compelling a purchase as I did. […]

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