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Sex, Drugs, and Indie Rock…!

Confession: I totally pinched that title from Corey Marie Parkhill’s charming, quirky Scene Language, which is about a bunch of folks in a “Midwestern music scene” dealing with band drama, getting older, surprises, tattooed dudes, awkward moments, and a host of other stuff like roommates and spur-of-the-moment haircuts. I ran across this strip (which looks like it’s just about a year old or so? I think it just hit 200 episodes?) through the Harry Potter meme I mentioned a few weeks back, and I’ve spent a lovely recent afternoon reading through the archives.

If you aren’t familiar with Corey Marie, or Young American Comics, you might have a little reading to do after excavating yourself from the rock you’re under. (They’re also about to launch what looks to be like a very cool project.)

Anyway, Scene Language is one of my new favorites. It’s clever, it’s catchy, and I’m totally sucked in. Corey Marie’s color work is amazing (check out some of the way characters are dimly lit when they’re in bars or at shows) and she’s got a way of spinning characters as just familiar enough (hello, Garrett!) they remind you of someone you know without feeling too close to home.

I love it. I totally love it. I’m all overcome all-emo-like and all that for it. But check it out anyway, yeah?

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