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Forgot One Item On Yesterday’s List: Laundry

Check out that swag, huh? Not a bad haul. For the record, this year’s pile consists of:

That last item is a bit significant, as anybody who’s ever met me will tell you (apart from the obligatory moustache comment) that I’m not an XL-size guy. So it’s time for a Fleen contest, and that shirt can be yours. Here’s the deal:

If you read last year’s coverage, there were a lot of webcomics-themed panels. Some were what you might call personality driven (PA, Dumbrella, Blank Label Q&A sessions), some were about making webcomics. This year featured far fewer webcomic-centered panels and apart from the very valuable Khoo & Kurtz Show, they were pretty much of the personality variety. So I’m soliciting suggestions from you, the webcomic-lovin’ public, for what you think would be the best topic for a webcomics panel for next year. Can’t promise that it’ll get on the schedule, but let’s see what we can come up with.

Best idea in my email (that would be gary, who finds himself somehow in charge of a blog called fleen, which is not really a commercial enterprise) by midnight EDT on 15 August 2007 will win this shirt. Judges decisions are final, void where prohibited (sorry, Tennessee!).

Space prohibits a full listing of everybody I had a blast meeting or reacquainting myself with, so let’s just say that Jennie still has the kick-assest boots in webcomics, Josh is the guy you want passing you a plate of fettucine, Spike is cool in more ways than can be counted, Lewis is a hell of an info source, and Shaenon probably thinks I’m an idiot on account of how brain-fried I was when I introduced myself. Big thanks to the lovely lads of Dumbrella for giving me a home base during the week, and my deepest apologies to those hardy souls who insisted that I defile their sketchbooks with my non-existent artistic talent.

Okay, got one of those work-intensive travel weeks coming up, so expect lots of book reviews and other things I can write in advance. And remember: just 360 days ’til Preview Night 2008.

I think the Business of Webcomics Panel should have been (A) longer, and (B) moderated.

As for other panels, I would be interested in seeing something on the do’s and don’t’s of webcomics merchandising, from books, to shirts, etc.

Basically, a panel designed around saving up and coming webcomickers from learning things the hard way.

“Basically, a panel designed around saving up and coming webcomickers from learning things the hard way.”

That wouldn’t be very long. It’d just take one person coming on stage saying “Pay someone to do it for you” and walking off while muttering about year-long delays to get stocks of books and trying to send them to people who have, for all intents and purposes, disappeared off the face of the planet.

I dunno – Howard Tayler’s got some pretty dang awesome new ones with his Comic-con earnings.

Out of curiosity, how would the moderator have helped with the biz panel? It seemed pretty structured to me already.

As much as I enjoyed Kurtz’s various tangential discussions about character design in PVP and why he didn’t like having both Robbie and Jase as characters together, and the like, a lot of time was spent on those, and that cut back on the amount of information about the business of webcomics that got covered. I think a moderator might have been able to keep things more focused.

The reason I said “longer” as well is because I do enjoy those tangents, and wouldn’t want them eliminated, so I would also want some time for going off into stories and the like, but perhaps shorter bursts and someone who is up there to cut them off after a bit and take us back to the central topic.

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