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I Have Survived Comic-Con, Cue The Triumphal Music

Checklist of things to do:

  • Run down purchase list and decide exactly how badly the budget was blown (hint: me + Jeff Smith + CBLDF auction = expensive proposition)
  • Organize photos
  • Follow up story points with Gav, Khoo, and others
  • Thank publicly those that took the time to talk to me, helped me out, and suchlike
  • Catch up on webcomics; I pretty much haven’t read any in a week
  • Sleep

Last quotes of interest from the Con:

  • Winter McCloud, on being told the crowd of people coming in late to the “My Dad Is A Cartoonist” panel were actually there 20 minutes early for the Fables panel — [deadpan] Never heard of it.
  • Terry Moore, on nothing to do with webcomics, but man it was hilarious — HULK LIKE DRINK!!

Final thoughts, since there are no more panel announcements: It has been scientifically determined by me that Scott and Angela Kurtz are the most adorable couple on the planet. In all the craziness and stress of that noisy, nerdtastic slog, they found the time to be completely absorbed in the fact that they’re crazy about each other. I’d say that I wish I had a picture to share, but it felt too much like intruding.

It was good finally meeting you. I always see you at the shows and don’t know who you are. My initial thoughts are “check out this guy with the stach, he can write some MAD notes!” — We actually sat next to each other at last year’s Pvp/Penny Arcade webcomic throwdown.

“Never heard of it.”

That’s just fucking sad.

ComicCon SD=4 days= 12 total hours of sleep. I was so tired I slept for the last week! (Excluding going to work, eating and BioBreaks of course)

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