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Nerdstorm Rising

Quick notes before heading over to the convention center; please bear with us if updates are late and/or irregular for the next few days.

  • Turns out it’s not a one-shot; Ray is doing a series of columns for an Aussie newspaper. Love the tagline: Ray Smuckles is a California-based cartoon cat.
  • From my mailbox and alert reader Peter Tarkulich:

    Remember the early 90s cartoon Reboot? Well, there’s a project called Reboot Revival that I receive messages from ocassionally, and I got this one today. Note the line about a “Web-based comic” coming soon.

    The story Peter referenced says the show will be made into a trio of feature-length films, by Rainmaker Films:

    To do this, Rainmaker has entered into a strategic alliance with Zeros 2 Heroes, a Web site set to launch Monday (July 23) to provide a social network for comic book fans.

    Five undiscovered writers chosen by Rainmaker were selected to work with the animation studio’s production teams to prepare a pitch for the new ReBoot story line. These will be posted on the Zeros 2 Heroes site Thursday (July 26), the opening day of San Diego Comic-Con International. Those who visit the site will be able to work with each production team to help refine the ideas for “ReBoot” and later vote and select a favorite pitch. The brainstorming environment is what the site calls “Think Ups.”

    A Web-based comic, based on the selected story, will be published this year. Production on the features will commence at that time.

    Seems that a) webcomics and b) competitions resulting in c) movies is this year’s showbiz meme, much like “Earth getting hit by a big-ass asteroid” or “travelling to Mars” in past years.

  • Forget What’s the collective noun for webcomickers?; if you drop by the Dumbrella booth, ask to see their anti-mind control ray tinfoil hats.
  • Big round group o’ guest comics today. Let’s see, Willis is busy filling in for Jacques, so Maggie Weinder is filling in for Willis. Meanwhile, Ryan Sias is running best of strips while filling in for Scott Kurtz, Lars Brown is filling in for Meredith Gran and rumors have it that Randall Munroe is filling in for himself.

That’s it for now. Drop by the Dumbrella booth (1337) in the center of Webcomicstan and say howdy, or check out one of the many fine panels coming regarding webcomics.

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