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On Syndication: Little Dee Goes Her Own Way Again

Editor’s note: As noted previously, Little Dee will shortly be leaving, has restored its full archives, and will be simulcasting at Modern Tales. Fleen spoke with Little Dee creator Chris Baldwin about these turns of events.

Fleen: United Media has decided that they weren’t interested in Little Dee. In your time with them, did you get the idea that they knew what they wanted to do with the strip?

Baldwin: I can only conclude that they were not totally sure. Towards the end, the editorial feedback I was receiving was almost entirely positive, but they also felt it needed more development. If they did know what they wanted, it wasn’t trickling down.

Fleen: How is the strip different than it was 14 months ago? What’s better because of your UM deal, and where do you think you were held back from your full potential?

Baldwin: I think it was a great 14 months, and I didn’t feel held back. It can be difficult to take criticism, and so I went in planning to go with the flow and take the strip wherever they wanted it. But their feedback consisted almost entirely of basic text editing. Word choice and tightening the text. Always good things to learn. I don’t think it underwent any notable changes or changes I really object to. I might pursue some longer story lines, but have no current plans for any.

Fleen: Is this definitely it for any newspaper syndication plans? And if it is, do you have any desire to do things with Little Dee that wouldn’t fit into a newspaper strip template?

Baldwin: I have another strip concept that I’ll be developing with potential syndication in mind. I certainly couldn’t predict if syndication is in my future, but this makes it less likely that it’s in Little Dee‘s future. But either way, I like working in b&w and I like the format, and don’t anticipate any changes in Little Dee. If I have thoughts for differently formatted gags, I’m sure they’d more likely find their way into other projects.

Fleen: Starting August 1st, you’re going to be running at Modern Tales which (at least originally) was intended as more of a longform story site, less of a traditional newspaper strip site. Are you going to be developing new projects at MT in addition to Little Dee?

Baldwin: I have no plans for other projects with Modern Tales, or any idea how well Little Dee will fit in. But they’re good folks, and I’m excited to be running there in addition to my own site.

Fleen: Bruno wrapped a few months ago, and dealing with UM is no longer on your ‘to do’ list. What are you going to do with the free time? Any hope of Sunday strips?

Baldwin: Between Little Dee and freelance work there is still little free
time in my schedule, but it’s true, it has freed up a bit, and I will be devoting that time to my other works. I am slowly working on scripts for a couple graphic novels, and I do a short comic at almost every month (although, coincidentally, not this month). I’ve also been in communication with a few people I’d like to collaborate with, which could be fun. But I have no specific desire to add Sunday strips to my Little Dee workload. I love writing and drawing Little Dee as it is, and prefer to give any extra energy to other projects.

Fleen: When can we expect to see a new Little Dee book? Or a handsome, leather-bound, ribbon-bookmark-sewn-in Bruno omnibus collection!

Baldwin: I am currently working with my bank to secure funding for Little Dee book#2. I am hoping to have it to the printer in August. Regarding the Bruno Omnibus, there is little I’d love more. But I have all these boxes of the individual books, and since I have ended the strip and I don’t have a regular Bruno readership, it’s not like they’re flying off the shelf, so it may be a few years before I can justify it.

Fleen thanks Chris Baldwin for taking the time to answer questions instead of packing for vacation like he should have been. Comments, followup questions, or promises to pre-order LD2 or the Omnibus welcome. Now San Diego beckons, so please forgive the forthcoming ragged update schedule.

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Did buy a couple of LD1 (always nice to have and extra to give to friends), so I can promise, that I at least will buy one of LD2 as well! :D

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