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Calm Before The Nerdstorm

That Chris Baldwin interview we promised you is coming soon; in the meantime, check out his Wizard interview with Brian Warmoth. Subliminal note to cartoonists: draw me a moth, ready for war.

The Applegeeks guys had a run on their Eve figures. Guess this means I won’t be getting one just yet. Any chance of a reorder, guys?

The Machine of Death project has finalized its author lineup. As a general rule, you can’t go wrong with Alexander Danner, Shaenon Garrity, Randall Munroe, and not me. To quote David Malki ! on my submission:

After careful review of the nearly 700 entries, we’ve determined that “Smothered by Bunnies”, while funny, ultimately isn’t right for the book. We’re very grateful for your interest, and we’ll continue to keep you informed as the project progresses!

Despite this atrocious lapse of judgement, I believe that the Machine of Death collection will be worth reading, and urge all and sundry to both a) read; and b) enjoy.

Final note for today: flying to San Diego tomorrow, so if there’s a question you’ve been dying to ask your favorite webcomicky types, email it to me. That would be “gary” at a domain that suspiciously shares the name of this here blog.

As Zach Weiner if it’s hard being attractive, brilliant, and funny at the same time.

Do NOT ask him why he has no girlfriend.

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