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Short Notes

Aaaahh! Raptors!

So, there’s a new general-purpose cultural blog-type thing out there called The Bygone Bureau, which I am suddenly interested in for two reasons. The first being clearly explicated on their About page:

Our mascot is the squid.

They got squid. They have a blog category that claims to be devoted to squid, but it isn’t really. Despite being filthy, filthy liars on the topic of squid, they have something else to recommend them, namely an interview with Nicholas Gurewitch:

The Perry Bible Fellowship is one of the most popular and refreshing comics published online. The Bureau’s Kevin Nguyen and Nick Gurewitch, the series’ writer and illustrator, discuss Garfield, Tagged, and Hillary Clinton.

It’s brief, and there’s no squid, but it’s also Gurewitch and therefore worth reading. Have a good weekend, peoples.

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