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My World Is Crumbling


Well, he looks like a Eustace.

Granted! But does this mean that The Mother and The Father also have proper names? Have they (and the cast page) merely been having us on all this time? The thought is horrifying.

I’m freaking out. I need an IV of something quick. It was gloriously unsettling. I phoned Britain but all I got was Scott Mills’s “Flirt Divert”.

I’m hardly the most avid Scary-Go_Round fan but even I thought to myself, “Say, that’s a revelation innit?”

I would have thought that Theodore Boyce would have been a better combination for a guy nicknamed (apparently) ‘The Boy’.

I’m oddly relieved someone shares my dismay at this revelation.

*is afraid The One Electronic will turn out to have a perfectly normal name next*

It’s England, isn’t it? It may be spelled “Eustace”, but it’s pronounced “The”.

I read that comic and COMPLETELY didn’t notice the “Dear Eustace Boyce” line in the letter! Wow! I would have never known The Boy’s proper name.

I was too distracted by The Girlfriend hiding from The Father after spending The Night.

ditto. Another vote for obliviousness.

He does look a little like a Eustace, though.

You all missed another clue buried in The Boy’s real name.

“Eustace” is derived from the Greek eustakhios, meaning “bountiful grapes” or more generally, “fruitful”.

“Boyce” comes from the old French bois, meaning “wood”.

Ergo, “Eustace Boyce” = “fruitful wood”.

Conclusion: Esther is pregnant.

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If Esther was pregnant, that would be a bold turn of events for the comic. Another new generation for the strip to be passed down to as it ages!

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