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News Of The Day

Following up on yesterday, Chris Baldwin has graciously agreed to let us know what’s up with Little Dee‘s move to Modern Tales. Look for that at the start of next week.

In other news:

  • We’ll have to see how it shapes up in the long haul, but bonus points to Emmett Coakley for the name of his new webcomic: Insert Life Here. Actually, “new” is a bit of a misnomer, as Coakley actually started the strip about two years ago, but has kept things quiet until the strip got stronger before opening himself up to the scrutiny of all and sundry.
  • And reaching the one year point today, the previously-mentioned What The Duck continues as the go-to strip for the photographically-inclined and/or waterfowl fanciers. It’s like the Unshelved guys keep telling us: the niches are ripe for entertaining.
  • From Krishna Sadasivam, a recent interview at South Asian interest website Tiffinbox (warning: extremely slow load times), and from Zach Weiner, a mysterious new journal comic.

How is Zach Weiner able to pump out SO MANY comics?

The secret is that most are single panel, and with the exception of Captain Exelcsior, they all look like garbage. But, that’s my charm.

There’s a new Joe and Monkey book out, you oughta post about that.

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