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Of Cons And Batshit Insanity

In yesterday’s email, the following missive arrived from Rosscott:

So I know that SDCC is a big deal, but where has the love been for Connecticon? This weekend, a large number of web comic artists are gathering in Connecticut, having a whole bunch of panels, and generally going to rock out. There’s an all-Erfworld panel. There is even a Webcomic Challenge, where comic artists are pitted against each other in lots of crazy categories like DDR, Halo, and Magic: The Gathering.

Am I an organizer? No, an attendee. Still, the fact remains it is a pretty big web comics convention that deserves a little attention.

You’re absolutely right, Rosscott. CTcon does tend to get lost in the shuffle, coming so close to the Nerd Prom and all, so let’s try to make up for the oversight and throw a little love their way. If you find yourself able to make it to Hartford this weekend (alas, I’m on EMT duty), you’ll be able to meet & enjoy the work of Brooke Spangler, Jeph Jacques, Jennie Breeden, Randy Milholland, Mohammad Haque & Ananth Panagariya, Scott Ramsoomair, Brian Clevenger, Michael Terracciano, Rob Balder & Jamie Noguchi, Chris Hastings, and about a billion other webcomics creators.

In other news, Shaenon Garrity, Narbonic creator and batshit insane manga loverimportant note: Shaenon loves manga that are batshit insane; she is not herself a batshit insane person who loves manga — has put on her Modern Tales editrix hat to issue an open call for submissions.

It’s sad about Inanna’s Tears ending (although awesome that it will soon be printed in a handsome volume), and I never would have found Irregular Webcomic! without that link on MT. But open slots for new talent? Always a good thing; those submitting to Ms Garrity are advised to pile on the batshit insanity for maximum consideration.

I lost the webcomic challenge. :(

True, but you did beat a pirate-based webcomic at Magic.
I’m counting my Tsuro win over you, though. So it’s Pirates 1, Ninjas 1.
Unless you count the scavenger hunt, auction, and me buying art from you.

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