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Harry Potter Hurrah!

I haven’t seen the new movie, and while I very much enjoy the books this post isn’t intended as a promotional hurrah for the upcoming book release either. But lately I’ve been totally charmed by Matthew Reidsma’s plan, springing from a comment thread, to draw a different Harry Potter character each day until the final book in the series is released (so much so I contributed a very emo drawing of…well, I’ll let you go find it). Madness!

There’s some exceptional renditions of various characters by folks including Corey Marie (uh, so how come nobody turned me on to Scene Language, ’cause I’m kind of loving it?) and Tod (yes, these folks) and Clutch McBastard!

It’s actually worth checking out even if you’re not much of a fan of the books, since it’s cool artwork and an interesting way to see how different artists interpret the same characters ( part of why I generally really dig guest strips)—the post involving four different characters is a particularly keen example. In fact, some of the participating folks (I’m thinking of Box Brown in specific, who writes, charmingly, drawn with a pen and ink, and I had no clue who this person was, so I just guessed. How’d I do?) profess to not be familiar with the characters either…

I’m also enjoying it because in the comments I’m getting to find all kinds of new cool art, like this way cute stuff, and J.P. Coovert’s work as well, both of which I hadn’t seen before!

Some of us, Reidsma writes, are drawing a Harry Potter character every day until the last book comes out. Won’t you join us?

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