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From The News Desk

Many items to cover today; let’s tuck right in, shall we?

  • From the Foob Desk: On the heels of Funky Cancercancer, we have total burnsauce.
  • From the New Versions Desk: Congrats to Megatokyo, which will be produced for the Japanese market by Kodansha. And congrats to Fred & Sarah Gallagher, which will be producing a small human being for their household (no permanent link).
  • From the Aniniversary Desk: Brink is one year old as of July 10 (thanks to Shishio for the tip; he’s rapidly becoming the Brad Guigar of IV Comics).
  • From the Technology Is Your Friend Desk: Lots of new features and stability over at Help Desk, which given creator Christopher Wright’s battles with databases and blogging software, seems like a beautiful, beautiful dream. Comics are now tagged by storyline/keyword/character, and transcription search is coming soon. It’s not easy to retrofit features onto a site with such a huge archive, so well done Mr Wright.
  • From the Emotionally Invested Readers Desk: Cool things will be done for your comic, even when on extended hiatus. Case in point: a 37-song fan soundtrack created for Alien Loves Predator.
  • From the Here Be Dragons Desk: More people for your SDCC webcomics crawl — the redoubtable T Campbell will be at the Tokyopop booth (#3529) and Dan Goodsell of The World of Mr. Toast will be in booth #2648.

    To find Campbell, walk along the top of the Unshelved logo from right to left and keep going another 7 aisles after the map ends. To find Goodsell, on the map, start at the “S” in the Unshelved logo and go three aisles up (opposite the Wizard Entertainment booth; say hi to their web guys, they’re cool). Please note that you won’t actually see the Unshelved logo printed on the floor of the convention center; we’re working on that for next year.

  • And from the Final Items Desk: The why of the explosive proliferation of webcomics review sites is something for others to remark upon. But let us remark on the latest entrant into the game (or at least, the latest to email me and say howdy) — Jack’s Webcomic Reviews. It’s got monkeys.

“(thanks to Shishio for the tip; he’s rapidly becoming the Brad Guigar of IV Comics).”

I’m guessing this is a compliment, so thanks.

You’re darned right it’s a compliment. :)

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