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In Non-Zuda News

The latest iterations of two cool things are now available:

  • Winterview #7: Kazu Kibuishi and Amy Kim Ganter (on their wedding day, no less).
  • A non-ugly floor map for webcomics at SDCC. I give you: WebComiCon! While you’ll find representatives of literally dozens of webcomics in a tight grouping between aisles 1200 and 1400 (there may be hijinks), don’t overlook the others in the Small Press and Indy Press areas.

    This map is an evolving thing, and late-breaking additions will be noted here at Fleen. Case in point: Topher Davila of will be in Small Press booth P9, which would be about mid-way between The Devil’s Panties (with special guest Striptease) and Young American.

I’ll be at the Tokyopop booth at various times, and definitely all Sunday morning, to promote Divalicious. That’d be #3529.

Dan Goodsell of “The World of Mr. Toast” will be in booth 2648:

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