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News Of Various Stripes

The latest version of the SDCC webcomics map is now available; the very dreamy Mr R Stevens is busily revising to make it print-worthy so you can carry it with you. Map legend below the cut.

DC Comics apparently decided that Platinum is onto a good thing with the Comic Book Challenge, and has offered up their own version under the name (I wish I were kidding) Zudacomics. Check out the breathless announcement where they essentially claim to be inventing webcomics (and let the PTO please note that webcomics has been a common term of art for some years now, so no fair issuing a trademark to those wacky jokers at DC!).

Hey, anybody log into Steam over the weekend? Penny Arcade strips are now featured there on the home screen, providing exposure to (on average) more than 3 million unique pairs of eyeballs a month. Robert Khoo, business guru at PA described it to me as, “We were talking to [Valve] about a bunch of other stuff (and no, nothing to do with our game :), and were just brainstorming different ways to work together. This one just popped up.” I think it’s pretty indicative of the hard work that Khoo has put in over the years if this is the sort of thing that just pops up; for the good of webcomics, we must clone him.

And as a final note, I hereby declare Rich Burlew a stand-up guy (even when flat on his back in bed with various nasties in his system). Advance notice of an irregular schedule is always appreciated, but more so is his linking of charities that, were you considering contributing to his health costs (which Burlew reports are well-covered), could use a few bucks more than he can. Okay, that was a torturously-parsed setence, but if you just go read his announcement, it makes sense. Fleen wishes Burlew the best of luck with his condition.

Green: The Webcomics Reactor Core (map by R Stevens), featuring PvP, Dumbrella, PA, Studio Foglio, Keenspot, Blank Label, Dayfree Press, and more!

Blue: The Indy Press Pavilion, featuring Unshelved

Red: The Small Press Pavilion, featuring The Devil’s Panties (S3), Young American Comics (O9) and Filth Hole/Hate Song (M5)

We should run DC out of town like they fought Hearst on Deadwood.

[…] of now. The only thing I could think when reading the announcement was, that it sounded familiar. And if Fleen thinks so too, then bygummit, it’s so. — Also Heidi Mac’ asks “One big question remains…who will be the DJ Coffman of […]

Check out the breathless announcement where they essentially claim to be inventing webcomics

Ah, they’re pretty clearly not saying that. “There is an explosion of creativity in web comics,” said Paul Levitz, DC Comics President & Publisher. That’s the Big Boss admitting that webcomics are already around and booming. And the casual way they use the term makes it pretty clear they expect the readers to be familiar with it already.

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