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Know What? Too Nice A Day For Blogging

Get yer ass outside and enjoy the sunshine. Quick notes before you go:

  • The webcomics presence in San Diego continues to grow; the map will be updated at the first opportunity but count Breeden, Daily & Co. in the Indie Island area, and Young American Comics in the Small Press Area.

    If you know of any webcomics creators who are going to be exhibiting at SDCC, email gary at this here website.

  • On a related note, Greg Carter writes:

    While Nerd Prom is rightly betting headlines for all the webcomics there, don’t forget the week before is Otakon, where 20000+ anime fans who are very webcomic friendly will gather. Here’s the big list of webcomic creators who will be in the Artist Alley.

    Thanks for the heads-up, Greg. Gotta say, Otakon is making it easy to find our beloved creators.

  • And in anniversary news, Joseph Hewitt’s Ataraxia Theatre has just cleared its first year as a webcomic. Prior to that, it was a minicomic, then on hiatus while Hewitt “got a real job”. Old issues went online, and new stuff got drawn, and it’s got weirdness o’ plenty across a wide range of genres.

Thanks to our correspondents, and have a heck of a weekend.

It might be nice up in your neck of the woods, but down here in Monroe we’ve been getting rain, rain, rain. I think all the rain that SHOULD have gone over to the west coast has been visiting Louisiana instead…

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