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Whoa, Canada

Lots happened over the weekend, which I can only attribute to Canada Day. A belated happy national holiday to our friends from the north, and when they conquer the world in a bloody reign of terror and tyrrany, we hope that they will remember our friendly nature towards them and their webcomics. In the meantime, it’s a Fleen Quick Quiz™! How many Canadian webcomics can you name? We’ll spot you Canadaman.

In south of the border news:

Geek Tragedy hails from the Great North. Tons of fun to read and look at with a brutally subtle dark side.

Liz Greenfield is in the UK these days, so wouldn’t that be “way east of the border” news?

Three Canadian webcomics come to mind:
User Friendly
Least I Could Do
and, one that isn’t one of the big guns, The Tao of Geek

“EH Joes” is one I just discovered

Good stuff.

Whoa, Canada

Great post. Thanks!

Canadian webcomics? Well, how about Orneryboy, Dorkboy Comics, Hate Song, Butternutsquash, and Grumps.

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