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I Wonder If These Little Blue Geeks Catch Cannonballs?

MoCCA artifact: Hope Larson‘s sketchbook, hopelessly (ha, ha) defiled by evil internet cartoonists, now making the internet rounds.

The online version of Wizard once more seeks to drag its readership into awareness of webcomics; starting tomorrow, Brian Warmoth will be doing biweekly interviews with webcomics creators. First up, Chris Hastings, to be followed by Chris Baldwin on 13 July. I’m informed that two or three more interviews are actually completed at this time, and just waiting for scheduling; check ’em out and let Wizard know that you enjoy them.

There really must be something special in Owen Dunne‘s work, because no matter how long he goes on hiatus, I just want to come back for more. Case in point, citing burnout and a desire to build up a large buffer of strips, Dunne announced yesterday that he’s taking the summer to recharge his creative batteries, finish some projects, and come back in September ready to knock our socks off. I’ll be there on the internet, waiting … waiting.

From the newsbag:

  • Erik Bouchard tells us that Eyeskream recently launched a new website, including a third anniversary contest.
  • Meghan Murphy would like you to know that Kawaii Not hit 100 posts and 2 years this month.
  • Kathy Peterson wanted my opinion on her comic, Kidnapped By Gnomes, so here ’tis: clean design, easy to navigate, readable even though the lead character is a Libertarian and I haven’t met a Libertarian yet that I didn’t think wasn’t really just a Republican that didn’t want to pay taxes. The strip is sorta political in nature, and does not feature video games, furries, TV shows, L33T speak, anime, obscure Sci-Fi, or underage Japanese girls in their panties. In other words, it’s significantly different from 98.353% of all webcomics in existence and Peterson gets a high-five just for that.

Kathy’s a sweetheart. Anyone who remembers “Bloom County” fondly should check her little comic out, and rejoice. Yeah, it’s different. And different is good.

Even if it does mention Ann Coulter in a romantic light.

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