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Things That Are MoCCA Recaps

So the lads of Wizard’s website were at MoCCA, although I missed spending any time with them which is too bad; the online version of the magazine continues to kick the ass of the dead-tree version. They have some cool panel coverage and pics for you to enjoy. Speaking of people I missed at MoCCA, Randall Munroe is rumored to have made an appearance, and the Comics Curmudgeon, and I’m not even sure who else I may have missed.

But I did run into The Twin Towers of Webcomics, ninjas with varying degrees of stealthiness, the official webcomics sweetheart, the tiredest man in webcomics and a vendress of fine cephalopods, the most exclamatory man in webcomics, a supremely talented man with a jigsaw, and the results of beer + Sharpie + bird tattoo [NSFW?]. Items were purchased, fun was had, beer was consumed. And that, in case you were wondering, is what MoCCA is all about. Or Christmas, I forget which.

Editor’s note: In case you were wondering, the photos are of: Ryan North, Jeph Jacques, a somewhat hidden Kent Archer & glaringly obvious Chris Hastings, Liz Greenfield, Jon Rosenberg & Meredith Gran, David Malki !, Chris Yates, his woodwork, and Jeff Rowland‘s addition to Jeph Jacques’s arm.

[…] Gary Tyrrell offers photos of the webcomics presence at last weekend’s MoCCA Arts Festival, while Craig Yoe and the staff of Wizard’s website discuss some of the books that they scored there. Finally, an open letter to MoCCA exhibitors. […]

How tall are the twin towers?

Ryan and Jeph each loom over normal people, like unto a Colossus. My estimate would be 4.5 meters each.

so you took pictures of people you hang out with on a regular basis, except at a con. dude seriously.

Holy moley I look tired in that photo – but thanks for the coverage Gary!

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