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More on MoCCA

It’s been mentioned already, of course, but my short list of what to see at MoCCA is a little different from some of the ones Gary listed out earlier. The whole thing feels a little like The Small Press Expo, which I haven’t been to in (many) years but enjoyed greatly when I was there. Of course again, part of the fun with that was cramming four minicomics artists into one small shared table to cut way, way down on costs; I’m certain some of that will happen this weekend as well; I hear Matthew Reidsma‘s going to be there. Anyway, there’s a really interesting article about last year’s MoCCA, which got me thinking….

I’m excited to see Liz Baillie’s work, which I started reading primarily through a review I’d written for Xerography Debt . I’ve never seen the Dumbrella fellas in full convention swing, so I’m looking forward to that for certain. I like Pat Lewis‘s work, and Cathy Leamy’s.

But I want to hear what other people are interested in seeing! What are your recommendations for a first-time attendee?

I think you should totally check out the work of Box Brown he’s great! And not at all self-serving.

Bit f’reals, I am looking forward to meeting Julia Wertz in person and trading with everyone I meet.

I will be there!

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