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Mea Culpa

In the list of webcomics creators to be found this weekend at MoCCA, we at Fleen inexplicably omitted Meredith Gran. We apologize for the oversight, and encourage all in the Greater New York City metroplex to come to MoCCA and buy something from Ms Gran.

In other news, Zach Weiner wants to know: why do my traffic numbers stagnate in the summer? Couple of theories I’ve seen bandied about:

  • Depending on how many of your readers are students, leaving free high-speed at school and going home where you have to compete for computer time may have an effect
  • Everybody’s outside while the weather is nice

Any other thoughts as to whys and wherefores of the summer slump?


  • Sometimes a simple gag is the best (link here after the archive locks).
  • Karen Elllis draws a kickass Wonder Woman.
  • 350 strips and counting.
  • Okay, I’m intrigued:

    I just launched my webcomic, Sensational George. It is a loosely-connected series featuring ambitious staplers, unemployed bears, angry jellyfish and zombies working as interns.

    Throw in some squid, and you got yourself a deal.

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