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Minifleen X (The Final Chapter)

Back to regular postings next week; got a couple of thinky pieces in my head that I haven’t been able to properly research. In the meantime, merch ho!

  • Oh man, character/logo patches for your clothing, that’s takin’ me back. Bonus points to the first webcomicker to offer a Bedazzled jean jacket.
  • Oh hell yes. Hey Dr McChris, any chance of having some on hand at MoCCA or SDCC for your adoring fans?
  • Marketing 101 time: Lots of creators offer picture galleries of people wearing/using their merch: you got your rock nerds (curiously 404’ed, so here’s the Google cache), and Topatoco has a photo gallery, and Sheldon just debuted photos of people & dogs reading his books (with the added bonus of famous people).

    But you can go a bit further — Ryan North offers not a single gallery, but rather pictures of people in shirts, linked to the particular shirts in the Dinosaur Comics merchateria, and he puts up a dozen or so new photos every month of so on his front-page newsbox. Want to drive customers to your stuff? Put up pictures of sexy, sexy readers (and remember: everybody is somebody’s fetish) wearing/reading/using that stuff.

  • Speaking of Topatoco (shut up, we were so!) want to win a Ouija board?
  • And finally, over at The QC, Jeph Jacques is feeling old. To knock him out of this funk, I propose birthday spankings at MoCCA next weekend. Bring your friends!

There is absolutely no chance of that book being available for MoCCA. San Diego however, I am keeping my fingers crossed for. I think it’ll happen.

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