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Minifleen IX (Return Of The Son Of Minifleen)

These mini deals are getting longer. Weird.

  • Do they let insects into 62 Achewood Court?
  • The definitive response to criticisms of FOOB.
  • From Shishio:

    In celebration of its upcoming two year anniversary, Cartridge Comics is holding a contest. The Cartridge Comics fan who demonstrates their fandom in the most creative fashion will win a number of prizes. More details here.

  • Greg Carter would like you to know:

    Gina Biggs and Greg Carter are taking the Red String / Abandon Webcomic Tour to Charlotte, NC, this weekend June 15-17, for Heroes Con! They will be camped out at table SP-23. That’s along the back wall at the right-hand corner of Indie Island.

    Gina will have copies of Volume One of Red String, and Greg will have a mini-comic sampler of Abandon, so please stop by and visit.

  • Rick Eades wonders, is “Newt and John” nothing more than a blatant ripoff of Beaver and Steve? Somebody needs to solve this question with science.
  • Alert reader Nick wishes to remind you that it’s the third anniversary School Spirit, which I confess to not be familiar with. Let’s let Nick fill us in:

    Set in an Australian primary (elementary) school next to a very active cemetery, it is celebrating its 3rd anniversary this week. Just thought the author deserved a shout-out for such a fine accomplishment.

    Shouted, Nick. And speaking of Australia, Byrobot is, in the words of co-creator (and admitted Aussie) Nic Carey, Back in pants.

  • Just in time for the McCloud trek’s Great White Tundra leg, Pat Race wishes you to know of webcomics from the from the frozen north: Alaska Robotics and Geek Fetish

And tomorrow, be sure to check back for a guest piece from one of my favorite webcomics commentators. Happy Thursday, everyone.

Next time you see Ryan, you have to ask him to do his voice for Morris the bug. It takes the comic to a whole new level.

In my head, Morris sounds like Butters.

Cool! Thanks for mentioning our work! Scott was actually just in Juneau a few days ago. He and Sky put on a great lecture and his hands on workshop was really fun for all of us local artists.

I got to hang out with the whole family quite a bit while they were here. Alice and I beat up on Winter and Sky at Wii Tennis but Winter got her revenge kicking my butt at Mario mini games on the DS.

That whole family is just a fascinating and remarkable group of people. I really recommend catching them on tour if they have yet to swing through your state.

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