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Anne’s MoCCA Laundry List

I’m actually really excited about MoCCA, now that I’ve actually gotten my head around going (I kind of forgot that I’d agreed to go…). Part of what turned the tide from freaking out to looking forward to it was actually taking some time to sit down and look through the list of attendees, which ranges from a number of folks I already know, including the amazing Cathy Leamy , to folks whose work I know but have never met (like Pat Lewis). It’s a little bit of ‘zines, a little bit of minicomics, larger publishers, smaller publishers, and a bunch in between. It’s also exciting because every year I say I’m going to go and I never quite make it there.

Not this year!

One of the folks I’m most looking forward to catching up with, since it’s been too long since I’ve seen any of his recent work, is Mark Burrier. He publishes a number of print-only works, like Noose, and some sketchbook collections, and has a really interesting gallery of his different comic and illustration works (including a fabulous skateboard design. I was first introduced to his work at SPX and was kind of captivated by his website, which I find uses color in evocative ways. There’s something about the combination of the delicate linework and the way he uses color that I find very compelling.

While he’s perhaps not technically a webcomics artist, you can see little bits of his comics through his website. He’s certainly one of those artists who I wish did publish online more frequently, but it’s also one of those cases where I’m totally smitten with the print-only works as well; they have amazing covers and are absolutely worth checking out in person.

Watch for some more of my MoCCA picks for next week’s column…

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