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Minifleen VIII (Beneath The Valley Of The Ultra Minifleen)

Good news, everybody! Digger returns tomorrow.

I’m a day late to this one: Good natured snarkery or fannish entitlement? T Campbell takes on For Better Or For Worse. Kinda mixed on this issue — on the one hand, FBOFW remains Lynn Johnston’s story to tell (or screw up) as she wishes, but it remains the critic’s perogative to take the creator to task if that story isn’t done well.

On the other hand, making those criticisms by putting words into the mouths of analogues of the creator’s family — there’s some kind of logical flaw there, but I don’t know the Latin term for it.

And on the other-other hand, I’m intensely glad that Anthony shaved the moustache, as there’s less competition for me.

[…] Impassioned criticism or fannish entitlement? T Campbell and Amy Mebberson attempt to rewrite For Better or For Worse creator Lynn Johnston’s life and comics. (Above: sequence from the strip, ©2007 T Campbell and Amy Mebberson; link via Gary Tyrrell.) […]

I hope this is as well researched as T’s other recent magnum “Opus” about RSS feeds! INSERT SMILEY.

When you’re that busy, research is a luxury! It’s an obstacle on the way to SUCCESS.

Good point!

I’m going to go craft a hundred page graphic novel telling Steve Martin that he needs to do slapstick humor again. I’m on the internet, therefore I am above criticism.

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