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Minifleen VII (Son Of Minifleen)

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel; soon I will have reliable internet during the day again. In the meantime, please enjoy the following slight amusements.

  • Surprisingly touching, considering it’s a) stick figures; and b) a character that I’ve really grown to hate on a visceral level.
  • Seven years without missing a day, and a buffer of nearly seven weeks built up. Must be the desert air and lack of drunken stupors that are otherwise so common in the cartooning classes.
  • Speaking of drunken stupors (gotta be related somehow): ladies & gentlemen: Lieutenant Junior Grade Crunch (context here).
  • And, from the mailbag:

    On June 12th of last year, Ben Heaton and Lewis Powell started a webcomic to answer the question “How long can you draw out a story whose plot consists, primarily, in characters refraining from purchasing groceries?”

    While the answer is not yet definitive, we can now safely say that it takes longer than a year.

    Clocking in with a momentous 157th strip on Wednesday, June 13th, Terror Island is not only the first gamepiece photocomic on the web, it is also the longest continuously updating gamepiece photocomic on the web.

    I first met those guys last year at San Diego when they came up with one of the more amusing webcomic sketch memes I’ve seen (latest example: here). Happy 157th Stripaversary.

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