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Received from a one Mister Richard Stevens III, Esq.:

Looks like that bit I heard about Cathy being handed off was wrong, I am recanting as hard as possible.

Where, under the headline Aaack! My Mistake- Cathy is NOT Quitting one may read:

Sorry, Cathy! I blogged on LJ that I’d heard that Cathy Guisewite was giving the reins of her comic to another artist, but found out today that this is definitely not the case. She’s one of the good ones, a cartoonist who does their own work.

We at Fleen apologize to Ms Guisewite for helping our part in the misinformation, but still think that Cathy would look better with a nose.

I think Cathy would look better if it were replaced with want ads.

oh snap

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